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WideOrbit Partners With ITN Networks to Automate Exchange of Electronic Material Instructions

Updated: Feb 26, 2021

Integration will expand ITN’s unwired network capabilities to streamline operations with automated exchange of Electronic Material Instructions directly within WideOrbit’s traffic systems

SAN FRANCISCO – February 24, 2021 WideOrbit, the market leader in broadcast TV and radio inventory and revenue workflow management, has partnered with ITN Networks, the industry’s leading unwired network, to exchange Electronic Material Instructions directly between sellers and ITN’s network of proprietary technologies. Automated, direct communication of Electronic Material Instructions is a critical component of streamlining TV operations for changing TV content.

The partnership addresses a critical problem in broadcast operations – the exceedingly complex process of exchanging new and revised material instructions between buyers and sellers. ITN has spent decades advancing new applications of data and designing innovative technology solutions that connect directly to suppliers. To accelerate these capabilities, WideOrbit has integrated ITN’s system with WO Traffic and WO Network, the broadcast industry's leading end-to-end ad management platforms. With no manual effort required, electronic material instructions are ingested and transposed directly from ITN’s systems into the Electronic Material Instructions module for WO Traffic or WO Network, where station users can access all trafficking information and deliver return confirmation directly from within the WideOrbit interface.

“WideOrbit has been focused on making it easier to buy and sell media since inception. Simplifying and automating Electronic Material Instructions without having to swivel-chair between systems or manually input data is critical to making broadcast inventory easier to purchase and sell,” said Eric Mathewson, WideOrbit Founder and CEO. “The increasing complexity of today’s media landscape makes this especially critical and our integration with ITN provides local broadcasters and national networks essential access to accurate, timely material instructions data.”

As a fully managed-service national unwired, ITN Networks optimizes schedules every week, making adds and cuts to buys for hundreds of clients across more than a thousand broadcast stations and cable MVPDs. “Our business model requires a unique operational proficiency to dynamically handle enormous volume without delays and without errors,” said Todd Watson, ITN Networks’ Chief Operating Officer. “As we continue to expand and automate solutions across more sources of TV content, including streaming and OTT, WideOrbit will play a critical role in the connectivity our business requires.”


About WideOrbit

WideOrbit helps media companies do more business by making it easier to buy and sell advertising. Say hello to a Wider World with WideOrbit, the one platform that ties everything together, from pitch to payment. Doing more business in an evolving media landscape means doing less paper-chasing, less chair-swiveling, and less data re-re-entry. Only WideOrbit brings a Wider-World approach, providing the broader capabilities, bigger insights, and better connections that media companies need. That’s why so many industry leaders – including NBCUniversal, Fox, ViacomCBS, AMC Networks, Univision, Meredith, and Entercom – have partnered with us since 1999.

WideOrbit is the system of record for more than $38 billion in advertising transactions annually. WideOrbit is headquartered in San Francisco with offices worldwide. Learn more at

About ITN Networks

ITN Networks is the flagship unwired network of ITN Holdings, bringing decades of experience and investment building the most advanced, fully operational enterprise of technology, data, inventory and services to the television and video advertising industry. Uniquely forged with both buy-side and sell-side objectives, ITN is driven to create value for marketers, their agencies, and inventory suppliers to grow their businesses. ITN Networks taps into the larger, valuable supply of local television inventory and premium digitally streamed content to design and sell customized national networks based on each marketer’s strategic goals.

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