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Diversity, Equity And Inclusion

At ITN, Diversity and Inclusion are an integral part of our corporate culture.

All Hands In

Growing for Our Future

Our goal is to continue to elevate ITN as a forward-focused organization. We seek to actively recruit prospects from underrepresented communities and foster a work environment/culture that allows them to reach their full potential at ITN.

We aim to employ, retain and promote qualified minority employees to management level positions. By ensuring our employees come from diverse backgrounds with varied perspectives we will ensure ITN continues to approach the future as a forward-thinking, problem-solving industry leader.

"As a forward-focused organization, it is essential that ITN employees come from diverse backgrounds. Not only will this help ITN do its part to address systemic problems in society, but it will also allow us to approach a multitude of corporate problems and tasks with different perspectives that will guide ITN into the future."

- Todd Watson, CEO of ITN

Relationships Are Our Business

To better represent our client partners and help them achieve their goals, ITN employees work together to ensure we understand their ideals.

Our employees are our finest assets. We recognize that each employee brings unique talents and experiences to the table.  We value our differences and are committed to a culture where inclusion, diversity and equity brings forth an abundance of team spirit, creativity and innovation.



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