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Guaranteed Performance

Every Advertiser is Provided a No Risk Guarantee on Each Campaign

PVX teams employ decades of experience, proprietary technology and innovations in data and processes that outperform all industry benchmarks in providing dependable in-flight delivery - guaranteed!

The ProVantageX Audience Algorithm

PVX is the only ad technology platform that employs advanced audience projection algorithms using original prototype innovations and data applications to provide highly accurate, up-to-date, centralized audience estimates, auto-generated instantaneously for each local inventory buyline, for every station, day, time period, program and demographic


The PVX algorithm is used by our team of experts to automate and accurately adjust and predict for changes based on days of air, competitive programming and shifting media habits, along with changes in measurement samples and methodologies.

  • Rapidly Ingests and Activates Recent Data

  • Identifies Changing Trends in Metrics

  • Continually Updates Audience Projections with Every New Week of Data

  • Freezes Audience Estimates at the Point of Transaction

  • Re-Projects Future Delivery Against Originally Transacted Projections

  • Enables Stewardship and Re-Optimization upon New Projections of Delivery and Other KPIs

The ProVantageX Stewardship Tech-Stack

PVX is the only ad technology platform linking all stations for every aspect of inventory management, order confirmations, daily ingestion of electronically encoded commercial times, weekly posting, weekly updates of projections, future-scheduled program changes and re-optimization using current data to ensure delivery.

Every spot posts one week after airing.


PVX teams provide advertisers with updated campaign statistics through easy-to-understand, advanced data visualization and reporting tools.

  • Individual Market and Affiliate Specifications

  • Adherence to Brand-Safety Program Restrictions

  • Targeted Daypart and Program Concentrations

  • Weekly/Monthly/Quarterly GRPs and Impressions

  • Makegoods and ADU Units

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