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Fully managed-service technology solution purpose-built to maximize the value and operational efficiency of the local TV advertising marketplace

The Power of Local TV

Massive Reach

TVB’s 2024 Media Comparison study confirms traditional linear television has the highest reach & time spent of all media platforms

ProVantageX (PVX) is a new, enterprising and disruptive technology combined with expert managed-services designed to change how things are done in the local television marketplace.

PVX addresses the critical inefficiencies of fragmented local inventory buying, selling and stewardship which for too long has been hindered by disconnected legacy technologies and labor-intensive processes. The game-changing value distinction is the ability for PVX to automate and connect from beginning to end the many complex and vital functions that maximize operational efficiency, profitability, and performance.

ProVantageX solutions transform what brands, agencies, and suppliers can accomplish with local television


End-to-end guaranteed buy execution using the full PVX tech-stack reduces labor while driving media efficiency and performance.

PVX removes all barriers to enter the local TV ad market

Our dedicated teams using the PVX tech-stack work directly with clients and agencies to customize and fully execute local TV campaigns

Instant access to execute local TV buys on stations in all 210 markets​
Managed Servic Anchor

Maximize Value and Operational Efficiency on Local TV Ad Campaigns

Our ProVantageX teams provide advertisers with advanced technological proficiencies to harness the massive audience reach in local television with the ease and specificity of digital.

  • Employ proven technology and expertise to streamline business processes

  • Activate buys sooner, matching the best use of inventory to target demographics

  • Rapidly identify and capitalize on emerging trends to maximize ROI

  • Turn response measurements and insights into prompt next-level actions

  • Drive profitability and performance through continuous schedule optimization

  • Save time and labor costs through advanced automation of complex functions

  • Deliver clients dependable, accurate results consistently across essential markets

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