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Ad Age Next: Streaming

Updated: Feb 22, 2021

Live Virtual Event - 11/10/2020

Thanks to those that attended the session - if you missed it, the recording can be seen here:

The "Outcomes-based TV advertising reveals what happens next" segment begins at minute 55:30 in the "P.M. Session" video, featuring:

Mike Hardy, President of Sales, ITN Networks

Elle Donner, Senior Director of Corporate and Business Development, LoopMe

Peter Parisi, Associate Director of Advanced TV, Matterkind

Moderator: Heidi Waldusky, Associate Publisher and General Manager of Marketing and Brand, Ad Age

The race is on to reach the right consumer within the right context via TV (linear, addressable and streaming connections), but how does exposure to those ads impact attitudes and behaviors towards a brand? Leaders from LoopMe, ITN and Matterkind explore what happens next, delving into whether an ad has increased online and offline sales, what actions increase purchase intent and consideration and what data and measurement tools are available to close the loop

-- During the discussion, Mike Hardy said, "A key question is what do you have to sacrifice to pursue data driven marketing? Our goal at ITN is always to provide quality inventory, and if the data suggests that in the CTV environment, that if you’re running at 3am with no insight or control to that content – you should have the ability to question that efficiency, and those are things we have the ability to do. If you can implement the data to help you be more effective to hit on the key points, that you should include it in your marketing strategy."

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