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Managed Service Solutions

Local TV Advertising Made Easy, Quicker, Effective

PVX equips advertisers of all sizes with our team of experts using the most advanced technology platform connected directly to stations for end-to-end planning and buying execution.

Optimized Media Value: Built to Order

Fast and Flexible

Quick and easy entry into the marketplace

Fully Customized

Each schedule optimized to precise specifications for maximum value


No labor required to execute and manage your campaigns


Data-driven optimizations with the ability to include your own brand and market insights into the process

Accurate, Fast Tracking

Confirmation of spots airing and delivery


Zero risk - all buys are backed by delivery guarantee

End-to-End Managed Service Execution

Expert Consultation

PVX teams combine client directives with our business insights to help with strategy and planning

Marketplace Evaluation

PVX establishes inventory, pricing and audience estimates through our centralized private marketplace platform

Scenario Planning

PVX instantaneously develops multiple complex buys altering variables and scenarios to maximize goals for reach, frequency, programming and efficiency

Buy Execution

PVX handles all negotiations, ordering, confirmations, commercial encoding and trafficking

Schedule Management

PVX’s in-flight stewardship software, electronic tracking and re-optimization uses current data to ensure delivery

Performance Results

Advanced data visualization tools provide detailed timely reporting, projections and posting

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